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Fluvina Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Fluvina Technologies has been founded by people with vast experience in software industry and belonging to institute like IIT. From the beginning, the focus of founder has been to “Enable Right to Technology” through right use of technology. The focus of the founder has always been deriving greatest economic value and hassle free integration of IT into the business process which led to adoption of communication technologies. Unified Communication Technologies and with scalable architecture and state of art user experience has been core strength of company. Company always thinks “Customer First” while making a product.

Fluvina is Technology Company which is building a highly scalable communication platform, by integrating different modes of communication (Voice, SMS, Email, Facebook, and Twitter) with state of art big data analysis, named Mobigram. As mentioned above with focus on right user experience and scalability and giving customer service highest priority, Fluvina has been able to deliver products which are highly scalable, user friendly and highly reliable. Our products immediately give time saving of 60-70%. Mobigram by default gives you hassle free experience compare to other products in industry. FT is building business processes that seek to differentiate themselves through business – customer centric, innovation and value driven business operation while balancing ongoing involvement of business to business from various segments, stakeholders, employees and end customers. FT addresses customer priority and it is an area where company excels.

Mobigram is outcome of years of research and understanding of needs of market. Mobigram aims to become one stop solution for all the communication need of an organization enabled by iterative research, analysis, integration of best technology and ensuring minimum tolerance in quality through talented employee base and clearly defined intolerable work ethics. Mobigram as a platform will ensure off the shelf communication products for different sectors and different business processes.